Open Access Atlas of Otolaryngology, Head and Neck Operative Surgery: Volume 1 - Head and Neck


Developing world ENT is important as more than 50% of the world's people live in the Developing World. 360 million people have disabling hearing loss, this represents >5% of the world's population 70% of new cancers will occur in the Developing World by 2030. The book aims to promote exchanges of ideas between practitioners and institutions in the Developing World, to promote appropriate teaching and training, as well as to facilitate links with Developed World training institutions in ENT services.
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Johan Fagan, Prof, University of Cape Town

Prof Johan Fagan is the Head of Division of Otolaryngology at the University of Cape Town.

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17 March 2017

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Johan Fagan, Prof
University of Cape Town
Kathy Taylor
Ellen Bolding, Dr
Mark de Groot, Dr
Robert L Witt, Dr
Oskar Edkins, Dr
Vincent Vander Poorten, Dr
Jonas T Johnson, Prof
Alejandro Castro, Dr
Javier Gavilan, Prof
Wolfgang Steiner, Prof
Patrick J Bradley, Prof
Eugenio Panieri, Prof
Ricard Simo, Dr
Iain J Nixon, Dr
Enyunnaya Ofo, Dr
Thomas Deitmer, Prof
Lex Vlantis, Prof
Devendra A Chaukar, Prof
Mitali Dandekar, Dr
Eugene Myers, Prof
Jean Morkel, Prof
Klaus Stelter, Dr
Goetz Lehnerdt, Dr
Daniel Schuster, Dr
James L Netterville, Dr
Prabhat K Bhama, Dr
Mack L Cheney, Dr