Marketing to South African Consumers


Marketing to South African Consumers provides core introductory marketing theory underpinned by a contemporary and localised South African perspective. South Africa has a unique hybrid economy with strong formal and informal economies co-existing in a deeply unequal society. This textbook maintains a classic view of marketing theory, but is written with a focus on consumer behaviour. It provides a unique contribution to the marketing textbook landscape, in that it is written by marketing academics, professionals and students, and is focused on making local context a central reference rather than a peripheral addition. The textbook is relevant to any marketer or business owner who would like to gain more understanding of marketing in general and South African consumers in particular.

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  • Full Textbook
    James Lappeman, Paul Egan , Gillian Rightford , Thabang Ramogase
  • Preliminary Pages
  • Part 1
    Marketing and Marketing Strategy
  • Chapter 1: What is Consumer Marketing?
    James Lappeman, Vimbai Malandu
  • Chapter 2: The Role of Marketing in Delivering Corporate Strategy
    Martin Neethling
  • Chapter 3: Sustainability in Consumer Marketing
    Titi Kabi
  • Chapter 4: The Marketer's Micro-Environment
    James Lappeman, Shriya Bramdaw, Kaylee Hewitt
  • Part 2: The South African Consumer's World
  • Chapter 5: The South African Consumer Landscape
    Paul Egan
  • Chapter 6: The South African Retail Landscape
    Maryla Masojada
  • Chapter 7: The South African Media Landscape
    Gordon Muller
  • Chapter 8: The South African Macro-Environment
    Megan Swartz
  • Part 3: Consumer Behaviour
  • Chapter 9: Drivers of Consumer Behaviour
    Gillian Rightford
  • Chapter 10: Consumer Decision-Making
    Ana Carrapichano
  • Part 4: Consumer Marketing Strategy
  • Chapter 11: Market Segmentation and Targeting
    Ana Carrapichano
  • Chapter 12: Positioning and Branding
    Gillian Rightford
  • Part 5: Consumer Marketing Tactics (Strategy Implementation)
  • Chapter 13: Product Tactics
    Gift Phala
  • Chapter 14: Pricing Tactics
    Nevo Hadas
  • Chapter 15: Place (Distribution) Tactics
    Maryla Masojada
  • Chapter 16: Promotion Tactics (Integrated Marketing Communications)
    Gillian Rightford
  • Part 6: Marketing Intelligence (Feedback Loop)
  • Chapter 17: Market Metrics: The Strategy Feedback Loop
    James Lappeman
  • Chapter 18: Market Research and Consumer Insights
    James Lappeman, Paul Egan
  • Part 7: Tools for Achieving Competitive Advantage
  • Chapter 19: Vital Skills for Modern Day Consumer Marketers
    Steve Bird , Zizwe Vundla
  • Chapter 20: Digital Marketing Techniques
    Raeesah Chohan
  • Chapter 21: Constructing a Basic Marketing Plan
    Thabo K. Makgolo


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January 1, 2021

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