Part 3:

Consumer Behaviour

Consumer behaviour is a broad and complex topic with much associated literature. The discipline is also evolving as we learn more about why people act the way they do. This part of the book underscores the basic principles of consumer behaviour.









Chapter 9: Drivers of Consumer Behaviour

This chapter describes some elements that underpin the consumption decisions that consumers make. The drivers of behaviour can include personal and psychological factors and social influences. In addition, situation plays a role, as well as the efforts of marketers. Although it is impossible to pinpoint exact drivers of every decision, understanding these elements helps consumer marketers develop better strategies.

Chapter 10: Consumer Decision-Making

Related to the previous chapter, this chapter focuses on the stages of decision-making. While not always linear, these stages usually include problem recognition, information search, evaluation of alternatives, purchase and post-purchase behaviour. Being able to understand these stages and models can help marketers to understand where to influence consumers in their purchase decisions.

Understanding consumer behaviour theory will help consumer marketers build strategy and deliver tactics that meet needs and accounts for changes in the market.