Part 5:

Consumer Marketing Tactics (Strategy Implementation)

Marketers have a set of tactical tools they use to build brands and reach target markets. This part of the book discusses the four main tactical tools at the marketer's disposal.These tactical tools are known as the marketing mix or Four Ps (for Product, Price, Place and Promotion). The ability to align tactics to a brand position and to execute these tactics effectively creates a competitive advantage.









Chapter 13: Product Tactics

Once consumers' needs are better understood, marketers can facilitate the design of products and services in order to best meet those needs. This chapter explains the basic theory of product-line development and product lifecycles. In addition, the chapter explains how to develop new products and how services differ from tangible products.

Chapter 14: Pricing Tactics

Many consumer decisions are based on price. The exchange between marketer and consumer is based on a value equation and price is at the very heart of these decisions. This chapter discusses basic pricing theory as well as how pricing tactics have changed due to digitisation.

Chapter 15: Place (Distribution) Tactics

In Chapter 6, the South African retail landscape was explained. This chapter builds a more comprehensive view of channels and supply chains. A consumer may desire a specific product, but without effective distribution the marketer cannot meet their needs. The way marketers physically get their products to consumers is constantly changing, with more channels available and the growth of ecommerce. This chapter provides a unique picture of the various distribution channels and formats in South Africa.

Chapter 16: Promotion Tactics (Integrated Marketing Communications)

Marketers may provide excellent products that meet needs and are priced and distributed correctly, but if the consumer is not aware of the brand they are unlikely to transact.Marketing communication (promotion) tactics vary and must be considered in an integrated way. This chapter explains the role of promotion and the basic tools at marketers' disposal.

To implement marketing strategy, these marketing tactics must be used in a way that aligns with the brand and positioning. The chapters in part 5 explain these core marketing tactics.