Part 6:

Marketing Intelligence (Feedback Loop)

In order to keep strategy evolving in line with new market conditions and technology, a feedback loop is required (outlined in Chapter 1). This feedback loop is created through the measurement of certain variables, known as marketing metrics. In addition, market research can be conducted to better understand consumers' needs, wants, attitudes and behaviours.









Chapter 17: Market Metrics: The Strategy Feedback Loop

This chapter lists and briefly describes a selection of marketing's most important measurements. In a competitive marketplace, consumer marketers are constantly being called on to justify marketing expenditure and to show a return on investment. In addition, measuring different aspects of business and consumer behaviour allow marketers to improve on marketing strategy and tactical implementation.

Chapter 18: Market Research and Consumer Insights

This chapter is about using various tools in order to better understand the market and consumer orientation. Using tools like quantitative and qualitative research as well as both primary and secondary data is a means for consumer marketers to inform their strategy.