Part 7:

Tools for Achieving Competitive Advantage

There are multiple tools and techniques for achieving competitive advantage as a marketer. This book does not allow for a full enquiry into the different tools, but we have chapters on three subjects. These chapters address vital skills for today's consumer marketers, digital marketing techniques and constructing a basic marketing plan.









Chapter 19: Vital Skills for Modern Day Consumer Marketers

As in most areas of work, marketing effectiveness is often only as strong as the team tasked with making and executing decisions. This chapter describes several qualities required of today's marketer and provides a broad overview of the types of marketing jobs available.

Chapter 20: Digital Marketing Techniques

The digital landscape is marketing's most dynamic arena, with new companies constantly appearing and offering innovations in reaching consumers. This chapter focuses on some fundamentals of digital marketing in order to provide a foundation for consumer marketers who are not familiar with concepts like search engine optimisation and social media marketing.

Chapter 21: Constructing a Basic Marketing Plan

This chapter provides a basic framework that can be used as a template for constructing a marketing plan. The framework is based on the principles outlined in this book and should be useful for any consumer marketer seeking a more robust approach to planning their marketing strategy.