Atlas of Paediatric HIV Infection


Sub-Saharan Africa bears the greatest burden of paediatric HIV disease. This atlas is the first of its kind with photographs of varying skin, systemic conditions and opportunistic infections in the HIV-infected paediatric patient. The aim of the atlas is to illustrate conditions which were captured among paediatric patients presenting to HIV clinics and wards in an African setting. Some of the conditions are commonly seen in HIV-infected children while some are not specific to HIV.

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April 23, 2018

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Regina E. Oladokun
University of Ibadan
Rannakoe J. Lehloenya
University of Cape Town
Carol Hlela
University of Cape Town
Agozie C. Ubesie
University of Nigeria
Sherifat O. Katibi
University of Ilorin/Teaching Hospital
Ombeva O. Malande
Egerton University
Brian S. Eley
University of Cape Town