Orthopaedics for Primary Health Care


Most patients with orthopaedic pathology in low- to middle-income countries are treated by  non-specialists. The contents of this book is informed by a modified Delphi consensus study with experts from Africa, Europe, and North America, who provided guidance on prioritising knowledge topics, skills and cases concerning orthopaedic trauma and infection. The work is produced under the auspices of the Learning Innovation via Orthopaedic Network (LION) initiative, which aims to improve learning and teaching in    Orthopaedics in Southern Africa. The book is therefore built on transformation through development of a student-centred curriculum and content. The authors are mostly orthopaedic surgeons and trainees in Southern Africa who have experience with local orthopaedic pathology and treatment modalities, as well as in medical education of undergraduate students and primary care physicians.

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27 July 2021

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Michael Held
University of Cape Town
Abdalslam Andisha
Anria Horn
Archie Rachuene
Ashley Arakkal
Benjamin Blankson
Graham McCollum
Japie de Wet
Kirsty Berry
Len Marais
Maritz Laubscher
Michael Abramson
Mlekeleli Duma
Nicholas Kruger
Ntambue Kauta
Phinda Njisane
Peter Botha
Pieter Venter